Monday, September 10, 2012

Farewell Tour...Life at 29,000 feet

Here I am streaking across the sky at 29,000 feet living the good life in First Class!  I splurged for First Class because I deserve the comfort and the special treatment not afforded in Coach.  I am on my way to Las Vegas and then Sacramento.  Actually, I am on my "farewell tour."  You see, I don't plan on visiting Las Vegas or Sacramento again.  I am checking things off my bucket list before the BIG move to NMB, SC.  Last month, I said farewell to Stone Harbor, NJ.  Last time there was extra special because my daughter and her family joined us for a week.  In spite of the lousy restaurant food, it was a great week!

As for this trip,I have friends in Las Vegas and my sister lives in Sacramento.  My friends will visit NMB in the winter, and my sister will return to the East Coast someday.  I will travel West again when I go to Hawaii.    Oh, I am thinking next year a trip to Europe!!  First Class...for sure!