Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Look Back at 2010

With less than 2 days left in 2010, I am thinking about what has occurred this past year.  Lots to think about,  many good things, but a heck  of a lot of bad things too.  The good things include the birth of Ryan (my step grandson) on January 28, and the continued good health and development of my grandchildren, Braedon and Elliana.  They continue to be a source of wonder and awe as well as the best entertainment available.  The bad things center around health issues.  My wife fell and broke her pelvis in 2 places and her coccyx in 2 places, I had knee replacement surgery over 6 months ago that is still rehabbing as I write this, and my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and is currently undergoing radiation treatment. 

Business was good this past year, but I am ready to retire.  I am also ready to depart NJ.  This state has so little going for it.  Why stay here?  We are thinking about moving to the South Carolina coast, culture shock for sure, but little, if any, snow and warmer average temperatures.  We'll see if that happens.

On a sad note, I remain estranged from my son.

As I look back on this almost-done year, I am happy to see it end and am looking forward to its successor.  A year from now, my high hopes for this new year may be dashed, but still there is the potential for so many good things!  I remain grateful for my family and friends and hopeful that 2011 will be better than 2010.

Monday, November 22, 2010

You, me and the TSA

I haven't been on a plane in a real long least 6 months.  I used to fly almost weekly.  That much travel is a great way to ruin your relationship with wife and children, but that is another posting at a later time.  I am dreading the next time I fly commercially as I hear about all the horror of getting through security: body scans, pat-downs, and whatever else may be done.  Here's what I think.  First, I want to Maximize Security, that would be mine and yours!  So, do what you need to do without worrying about my civil rights or sexually harrassing me.  Now having said that, I am not sure how I feel about the extreme pat down for my wife or daughter or grandchildren.  But, I still want them to fly with maximum security.  There's the dilemma for me.  Isn't there another way?  I guess not, or some one would have figured it out.  But wait a minute, why would I think someone can figure this out better than I can?  Let's have everyone go through a total body scan scanner.  Get over your embarassment of a few extra pounds, or what you think you look like to the inspector.  Let's do background checks on the inspectors so we don't get sex offenders, child molesters, etc.  And, if an inspector finds anything suspicious, then detain the passenger for a pat down or whatever.  If they refuse, kick them off the flight and detain them.  Take their luggage off the plane too.  While detained, they can be interrogated and searched as a matter of law.  Oh yes, let's get a law passed that allows for this process.  If we are not terrorists, what do we have to worry about?  If we are terrorists, well then the process will stop you from your misssion.  That sounds like a good thing to me.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Morning

It seems there are so many things to do on a Saturday morning that before I know it, it's Saturday afternoon!  And this happens and I don't have children that need to be taken to sports activities, karate, dance, gymnastics, etc.  It is now 11:33 and what have I done so far?  Picked up dry cleaning, voted in the bergen County NAACP election, ran unending scans on my computer and did some online banking.  What's left to do?  Go to the gym, Mass, and some PBA function this evening.  I guess with all that happens on Saturday, Sunday really is a day of rest!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The day after...

the 2010 mid-term election, has brought out all the pundits. So, why not me as well. We all know the GOP will now control the House and they are closer to the Dems regarding Senate seats (although at this moment, there are still 3 races to be settled). I am so happy that Christine O'Donell didn't win in Delaware, my home state. She is a little too far out there - like Pluto! Oh, that's not a planet anymore, but you know what I mean. In NJ, my current state, the GOP made gains in Bergen County and that's good. Believe me, the state is so corrupt that it may never really matter who's in office. Can you tell I am fed up with this place? So, what will the Republicans do? They will have the responsibility of doing "what the American people want." And that may not be easy. Will the Dem's block them? Will the GOP ram through legislation, like the Dem's did? You know, it's true: Be careful what you wish for! Let's see what the next 2 years bring. I will not be surprised if things are status quo in 2012. I hope the economy is better. We'll see.